Review Process

Each paper will be subject to peer-review procedure, and is considered on the basis of their significance, novelty and usefulness to the Journals readership.

AJSE Journals are peer-reviewed international scholarly journals by 6 reviewers: 1 Associate Editor (pre-screening); 2 International Reviewers (general review); 3 recommended reviewers (general review) and every review process is controlled strictly according to the journal’s guideline. The review processes are processed with 5 steps as illustrated by the following flow chart.

After the paper submission, Associate Editor reviews submitted papers first (1st Review, 3-5 working days).

General review (2nd Review, 2-6 weeks) processes are accomplished by International Reviewers, Recommended Reviewers.

If the paper is accepted with changes then author(s) will be requested to respond with changes suggested by the reviewers. The Associate Editor reviews the revised manuscript after the changes have been made by the author(s). Once the Associate Editor is satisfied with the final manuscript, the accepted papers will be published after the final decision of Editor-in-Chief and accepted by Associate Editor (3rd & 4th Review, 1-2 weeks).

For each accepted paper, authors should be requested by the Associate editor to revise the text and minor changes as appropriate, the revised version and copyrights should be submitted within 1 month.